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Chiara Leonardi (IT)

Tänzerin, Performerin

In summer 2019 Chiara graduated from SOZO v.i.m. and in the same year she joined the Sozo Dance Company, directed by Deborah Smith-Wicke. She joined the course Modem codici gestuali from the "Compagnia Zappalà Danza (2015 and 2016), directed by Roberto Zappalà. She performed in the Opera “Los Elementos” of the Kasseler Staatstheater and danced for choreographers like Pavlos Kountouriotis, Ryan Mason, Jianan Qu, Agostina D'Alessandro. During her artistic studies, she attended intensives/laboratories with Edivaldo Ernesto, Giovanni Scarcella, Mariella Greil, Maya Carrol, Mualem-De Filippis, Elio Gervasi. In 2019, with the colleagues Lia Beuchat and Żaneta Kęsik, she created the collective “Les(s) Collective”, that debuted with the piece “Pointless”, shown in Germany and Italy. In 2020 she became a member of TANZ*WERK.

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