Gabriela Branco (BR)

Dance Diffuser​​

Gabriela Branco, 1992, ​born in ​Brazil. Earned her B.A. (2015) and B.A.T (2016), both in dance by University of Campinas - UNICAMP, and studied Klauss Vianna Technique (KVT) in ​Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo - ​PUC/SP (2019). Work​s as ​an independent dance diffuser in the fields of dance production and creation as an artistic director, dramatist, choreographer, teacher&mentor, and dancer. Nowadays, she composes as a member the artistic collective core​•​traverse and Tanz*Werk/Kassel. She worked with ​Jorge Garcia Companhia de Dança as a dancer and assistant producer from 2017 to 2019; at ​Cia ​Fragmento de Dança ​she worked ​as a dancer in 2019, São Paulo/BR. In 2018-2019, she also was the artistic director of Milionésima Cia​, a feminist dance group, and worked in the program VOCACIONAL from the São Paulo City government offering mentorship for emerging dance groups in the outskirts of the capital. She started to develop her movement research in 2016, ​​Body States through Memories​​, based on Klauss Vianna Technique (KVT). Recently she concluded PReS (Postgraduate Residence Studios and Performance Research Studies), which is hosted by SOZO Visions in Motion, Kassel/GE. She created one performance lecture, ​GORFO, ​and two dance performances, trapped a​nd​ Ineffable, p​resented at SOZO, Hugenottenhaus (Kassel/GE) and WUK (Vienna/AT). In the frame of PReS, she had the opportunity to study Brazilian Colonization and how to embody its remnants. From this overview, she focused and questioned where were women during this whole process and how this historical period is still impacting Brazilian women’s daily life.